AC Delco Clutch Interlock Switch & Accessories

If your vehicle has a manual transmission system, you'll need to depress the clutch pedal so the engine can start. Though this may seem a bit complicated, this feature is important to ensure that your car will only move if you press the right pedal. The efficiency of this function depends on your vehicle's clutch interlock switch. Once this component fails, you can suffer from a jumpy clutch performance and possible accidents. To prevent these, it's imperative that you get a topnotch replacement switch. When it comes to that, the AC Delco Clutch Interlock Switch is your best bet.The clutch interlock switch is designed to prevent your car from moving once the clutch is activated or engaged. It also prevents your car from starting when it's in gear. Because of this, your car becomes a lot easier to operate and you remain safe when driving. Compared to other clutch interlock switches, the one from AC Delco is made from heavy-duty and premium-quality materials. Because of that, it's definitely meant to last for years despite the tough job that it performs.The AC Delco Clutch Interlock Switch is an OEM product that's compatible with the entire clutch of your vehicle. Installing it is also a breeze because of its direct-fit characteristic. For troubleshooting purposes, you can consult a service manual for all the information that you'll need.Without a doubt, this AC Delco Clutch Interlock Switch is one of the best replacements that you can find once your stock switch goes down. If you want it to be a part of your ride, you can find it here at together with other AC Delco parts. Here at our online store, shopping has never been easy. Our complete selection of parts and our store's easy-to-use interface will make your shopping experience hassle-free. For additional information about the product, you can contact our agents anytime.