AC Delco Camshaft Position Sensor & Accessories

The position and spinning rate of the camshaft is crucial if you want to get the best out of your car's performance. And when it comes to that, you need a camshaft position sensor. This sensor is responsible for gauging the rate by which the camshaft is spinning. After monitoring the spinning rate of the cam, it sends the information to the ECM. The ECM then uses this information to initiate the correct fuel injection and ignition sequence. With such a crucial role, it's imperative that your car has a camshaft position as reliable as the AC Delco Camshaft Position Sensor.When the engine computer receives the input signals from the camshaft position sensor, it analyzes this information before adjusting the level of fuel in the engine cylinders. The rightAMount of fuel is crucial to achieving better engine performance. Just like other camshaft position sensors, the one from AC Delco has a rotor plate and wave-forming circuit that enable it to transform the light from its LEDs into rough pulses. These pulses are sent to the circuit where they are transformed into on-off signals that the computer interprets.The AC Delco Camshaft Position Sensor is the best replacement camshaft position sensor that you can find today. Crafted using AC Delco's top-tier technology, you can be certain that it will last for many years. When it comes to installation, all you have to do is consult its service manual to be able to mount it without too much effort.For more information about our store and our products, all you have to do is visit We have the biggest catalog of parts in the industry, so there's no way we'll run out of supplies. To shop for your needed AC Delco Camshaft Position Sensor, simply click on