AC Delco Back Up Light Switch & Accessories

Second to the brakes, the lighting system is the most important safety feature of your car. Dependable lights give you the freedom to drive on the road regardless of the conditions. You see the road clearly and other drivers are informed of your intentions and movements. One of the most important automotive lights in your vehicle is the backup light. This lighting device helps you inform other drivers when you intend to move in reverse to avoid accidents and mishaps. To function, though, it relies on a backup light switch. If you notice your stock switch faltering, replace it immediately with an AC Delco Back Up Light Switch.The back up light switch will regulate the power that goes to your car's backup lights. This is a switch that's often located on the side of the transmission. It opens or closes the flow of electricity to the backup light assembly. It prevents electricity from reaching your backup lights until you start moving in reverse, in which case the switch opens to allow electricity into the switch. This causes the light to illuminate or blink.The AC Delco Back Up Light Switch is crafted only from the finest materials. That said, you can be sure that it will last for many years to come and give you unparalleled service. It's a direct-fit OE replacement product, so it will fit into your car like a glove. You won't have any trouble mounting it and it's guaranteed to work well with all the parts of your automotive lighting system.If you want to get this AC Delco Backup Light Switch, all you have to do is explore our catalog at With just a few mouse clicks, you'll find this amazing product in our complete selection of AC Delco parts and accessories.