AC Delco Auxiliary Fan Switch & Accessories

Did you know that your car is equipped with an auxiliary fan that provides additional air to the radiator? Auxiliary fans are activated when the heat gets too high or if the air supplied by the primary radiator fan is not enough. This prevents overheating, a condition that can cause serious damage to the engine. In some cases, the auxiliary fan fails to function, not because it's damaged but because of the failure of a small component called the auxiliary fan switch. When this happens, don't hesitate to get an AC Delco Auxiliary Fan Switch.The auxiliary fan switch from AC Delco is designed to activate and deactivate the auxiliary fan by allowing or cutting the flow of electrical current. Once it's installed, it makes sure that the auxiliary fan will be ready when the radiator needs more air. This switch has been designed using sophisticated engineering techniques. It lasts longer and it guarantees superior performance.Unlike other auxiliary fan switches, the AC Delco Auxiliary Fan Switch is very easy to install because it comes with all the installation hardware that you need. Aside from that, its service manual tells you everything you need to know to mount and troubleshoot the part correctly. The company's components are designed to fit specific makes and models, allowing for easy installation and better performance. AC Delco's commitment to research and development makes it a cut above other aftermarket manufacturers.We at now offer the durable AC Delco Auxiliary Fan Switch at a discounted price. Our easy-to-use interface will help you place your order in just a matter of minutes. Once you've filled up our order forms, we'll deliver your component to your doorstep! And if you need additional information, just access our 24-hour chat feature and our agents will be more than willing to answer all your questions and concerns.