AC Delco Air Pump Filter & Accessories

Ever heard of burning the exhaust? Some people think that's what the secondary air injector reactor (A.I.R) injection system does. But what the air injection system actually burns is unburned fuel in your car's exhaust emissions. The A.I.R system does that by introducing fresh air to the engine's exhaust and re-burning the mixture in the combustion cylinders. An AC Delco air pump filter can help the system work more efficiently by making sure that only clean air is mixed with your car's exhaust.The A.I.R system is typically made up of an air pump, plenty of valves here and there, and of course, various pipes. The valves and the pipes divert and deliver cool outside air into the A.I.R. system. To prevent clogging and subsequent damage to the air pump, the AC Delco air pump filter removes dirt, dust, and moisture from incoming air. Pure air makes it easier for oxygen molecules to mix with unburned fuel in the exhaust system, improving fuel combustion. This also reduces the toxicity of your car's exhaust, making exhaust gases more environment-friendly.The A.I.R system is considered secondary because currently, technology has turned it into a support system for the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is now the primary component that does the burning of unburned or partially burned fuel in the exhaust system. Still, the secondary air injection is a big help, especially if your car's catalytic converter has breathed its last after 10 years of service. With help from an AC Delco air pump filter, the A.I.R system stays clean. It will likely outlast your car's catalytic converter.You can find a wide range of AC Delco products here at Once you've put in your order for the air pump filter compatible with your vehicle, we'll deliver it as soon as possible.