AC Delco AC Relay & Accessories

Did your car's air conditioning (A/C) just suddenly stop working? Pop the hood and listen if the A/C compressor kicks into gear when you switch the A/C on. If it doesn't, you're probably looking at a compressor or an A/C relay failure. However, if all you have to replace is the A/C relay, thank your lucky stars. Replacing the relay will only take less than an hour; all you'll need is a replacement AC Delco A/C relay.The relay's purpose is to separate the circuit that goes to the A/C switch on your dash and the circuit that supplies the A/C compressor with power. Thus, a high-quality A/C relay will prevent overloading the wires leading to your switch and consequently burning them in the process. With the importance of the A/C relay's role, it's recommended then that you get a replacement from a reputable brand. That said, an A/C relay from the AC Delco is your perfect replacement since it's made from top-of-the-line materials. On top of that, AC Delco is a premier brand of aftermarket auto parts for electrical, ignition, braking, and A/C systems.You'll know when you need a replacement AC Delco A/C relay when the A/C system fails to activate when you turn the knobs on your car's dashboard. The best solution is to replace the relay right in your own garage. Just locate the fuse and relay box in the engine bay. Then, identify the right relay on the label on top of the box cover. Take the faulty relay out and put the new relay in place.An AC Delco A/C relay should work with your car's A/C system perfectly. To find one, you can browse through's catalogs. We guarantee the quality of all AC Delco products we offer. Rest assured, too, that we'll deliver everything you'll order right to your doorstep.