AC Delco AC Clutch Relay & Accessories

A clutch relay is an electromagnetic switch that regulates the flow of power to the A/C clutch. Now, the A/C clutch is a part of the A/C compressor that controls when the belt-driven pulley engages with the pump motor. Once the pulley engages the motor, the compressor starts pumping refrigerant throughout the A/C system. If your A/C system isn't working properly, the magnet inside the A/C relay may have locked up or worn out. To resolve this, just replace the damaged relay with an AC Delco A/C clutch relay.To keep your car's A/C system working, and to keep you and your passengers comfortable, the A/C clutch relay from AC Delco is your perfect replacement. Made from high-quality materials, this product is both reliable and durable. It's also specifically manufactured to OEM specifications, making it an exact reproduction of your stock clutch relay. There's no need to modify any part of your A/C system since this product fits and functions just like your original.It's easy to install the AC Delco A/C clutch relay as well. See, most relays and fuses are located in a shared fuse or relay box somewhere around the front of the engine bay. The relay that controls each component is usually indicated on top of the box cover. Simply look for the relay that controls the A/C compressor. Pull it out and plop in the new A/C clutch relay. Switch the engine on, turn the A/C up, and listen if the compressor clutch kicks in. If it does, the problem is solved.Remember to use only high-quality relays. AC Delco, with 100 years of experience under its belt, is one of the most trusted brands of replacement and aftermarket auto parts. Remember, too, to shop only on trusted sites like The AC Delco A/C Clutch Relay is available right here.