ACT Pilot Bearing & Accessories

In your vehicle, there is a thing called pilot bearing that sits in a hole at the end of the engine's crankshaft. Basically, there are three pilot bearing designs – the roller bearing, the needle bearing, and the bronze bushing. The last design is more of bronze bushing than a bearing. The most common are the bronze bushing and needle bearing. The pilot bearing like the ACT pilot bearing is indispensable part of a vehicle since it has a crucial task that no other parts can do. It is to provide a low-friction support for the end of the transmission's input shaft.

While there are parts that require check-up at certain intervals, you don't need to do some inspection with the pilot bearing from time to time. However, you need to replace it every time you replace the clutch. On some occasion, when transmission-mounting bolts loosen, the pilot bearing can wear excessively. If this happens to your pilot bearing, the transmission's input is likely to move around excessively and put abnormal strain on the pilot bearing. It is definitely a smart move to have the component checked by a qualified mechanic if you noticed a trouble. Ignoring the problem will lead to a more serious one.

A good clutch kit provides a pilot bearing that does not overlook the seal. The clutch seal prevents abrasive clutch disc material from getting into the bearing and wearing it out very early. Note that bad pilot bearing can possibly ruin the end of the eccentric shaft and this will require a full rebuild to replace. If you are to replace your pilot bearing, consider buying an aftermarket counterpart like the ACT pilot bearing. This one is definitely a good choice and this can be found here in Parts Train.