ACT Flywheel Weight & Accessories

Every vehicle is equipped with a flywheel. This is a disc shaped component that bolts to the crankshaft and is located within the bell housing of the transmission. This component is necessary to smooth out the pulses of energy that is provided by the combustion in the cylinders. It also provides energy for the compression stroke pistons. During the longer and non-active period, the flywheel's speed is built up slowly by a comparatively low-powered motor. During the operation, the flywheel provides a big fraction of the required energy.

Now, if you want to go faster but with smooth power delivery, if you want better traction and reduced stalling, then try adding an ACT flywheel weight. Adding up a flywheel weight has now become popular. These days, there are more and more riders that are going crazy over this hot item. This is because they are all amazed with the advantages of using the flywheel weight. Adding up this tool will also increase the rotating mass, or the inertia of the motor. In effect, the engine that slowly revs has now more controllable power delivery and less hard hitting power, a more usable low or mid range, and is unlikely to stall at slow speeds.

Easy control of power means that you also get to conserve your strength and energy. Preferably for a fast, aggressive faster vehicle, a light medium flywheel weight is a good choice while a heavier weight is ideal for a slower causal rider or for riding slower technical terrain. It doesn't matter what type of vehicle you got, ACT flywheel weight will surely enhance its power. So get one from us now and power-up your vehicle. Parts Train guarantees safe and convenient shopping online. Browse through our online catalog and see more of our hot items for your car!