ACT Clutch Disc & Accessories

The clutch disc like the ACT clutch disc is composed of metal disc covered with a frictional facing similar to that of the brake pads. The disc's lining may be made from a woven or molded non-organic material that contains particles of soft metal like aluminum or brass to improve the lining strength. Also, the series of radial grooves in the lining's face improves the grip between the flywheel and the disc. The splined hub which is in the center of the disc mates with transmission input shaft and provides a direct mechanical coupling between the flywheel and disc. Responsible for dampening the driveline and vibration is the group of torsional springs that is located between the clutch hub and lining.

The primary function of the clutch disc is to transmit engine torque directly to the input shaft of the transmission. It makes and breaks the flow of power from the engine to the transmission when coupled with the pressure plate. The clutch disc lining normally wears out considering the fact that pressure is regularly applied to the clutch disc and released continuously in a normal driving. The 'clutch chatter' is typically the symptom for worm clutch. Do not however be misled because such symptom can also be caused by oil leaking from the engine onto the clutch assembly, poor flywheel surface, damaged pressure plate release levers, spring clutch disc hub, and faulty alignment between the engine and transmission.

Another problem is the clutch slippage which can be caused by damage to pressure plate, worn binding or misadjusted linkage, improper clutch components and normal wear. Finally, the 'dragging clutch' which is the opposite of clutch slippage is the least common symptom. This happens when the clutch releases only partially or does not release at all. Replacement is definitely the best solution. If you need to replace your damaged clutch disc, Parts Train got the best replacement from ACT. In fact, any clutch trouble can be remedied with ACT's complete line of clutch products including the ACT clutch disc.