ACT Clutch Alignment Tool & Accessories

One of the most important driving controls in a vehicle is the clutch. This component is necessary because the engine spins all the time while the wheels don't. But for you to stop without having to turn off the engine, the wheels have to be disconnected from the engine. Now this is where the clutch plays. With it, you are able to engage a spinning engine smoothly to a non-shipping transmission by controlling the slippage between them. For all types of vehicles, it is believed that the most effective way to get the power to the ground is through a good manual transmission. However, there could never be a good clutch transmission without a good working clutch backing up.

The clutch for all you know does the engaging and disengaging from the flywheel in a split second and transfers all the torque through the transmission. Basically, a complete set of clutch kit includes clutch pressure plate, clutch friction plate, release bearing and crush bushings. Just like other driving controls in your vehicle, clutch also needs replacement when damaged or has become faulty. There are actually warning signs when a clutch trouble takes place. Weak gas mileage and a reviving engine sound when accelerating are usually experienced. You must pay attention to these indications and get the trouble diagnosed and fixed.

If replacement is necessary, then grab the stuff you need. You can use clutch alignment tool to accurately align the clutch disc between the pressure plate and flywheel. Clutch is safer and faster with ACT clutch alignment tool. Bear in mind that a good clutch has a good friction materials, stronger springs and precise engagement. You can get this amazing ACT clutch alignment tool from the most aggressive and dependable auto parts online store – Parts Train. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we realize that by giving our customers only the best. So be among them!