ACT Clutch & Accessories

To make your manual transmission vehicle move, you need to depress the clutch, choose a gear, and finally release the clutch while applying power. The clutch is the auto component that enables the engine to be applied when your vehicle starts and interrupts the power in order to avoid gear crunching when shifting. When the clutch is engaged, the power is transferred from the engine to the transmission and drive wheels. The power transfer is on the other hand put into halt and the engine is allowed to continue turning without force to the drive wheels when it is disengaged. The clutch like the ACT clutch however cannot effectively function if its components have become faulty or defective. These components include the flywheel, clutch disk, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and linkage.

Depending on your driving habit, the clutch on a manual transmission vehicle may last from four to seven years. Basically, there are common signs and symptoms when a clutch trouble occurs. These warnings may include weak gas mileage and a reviving engine sound during acceleration. You must also know that your clutch needs some adjustment when it engages or disengages closer to the floorboard or when the transmission grinds while shifting. In addition, when the transmission does not go into the gear, despite the smooth movement of pedal, the clutch linkage maybe either disconnected or there is snapped clutch cable.

If you find it hard to diagnose the problem, then leave it to your trusted mechanic and have it fixed or replaced. One good replacement is the ACT clutch. It is not actually a bad idea to replace your damaged stock clutch with an aftermarket clutch. Parts Train has a complete line of ACT parts for both replacement and upgrades including the ACT clutch. So give us a click and browse through our extensive online catalog. You would be surely glad to see what is more with us.