ACT Car Parts & Accessories

Whether you drive an all-out performance vehicle or a race car, you cannot deny the fact that you need quality performance parts for your automobile. ACT is one of the leading names when it comes to accessories and performance parts for all types of vehicle. Its range of products includes clutch kits, pressure plates and flywheels. The advancement in technology has resulted in innovation when it comes to design of car parts. The powerful performance and smooth handling of a vehicle is solely dependent on the type of products that you use in it.

The ACT clutch kit consists of a rotating assembly that is designed to create balance and helps the drivetrain achieve a vibe-free action. It is available in two components – street component and Xtreme component. You can have a combination of the two or just one, depending on what type of performance you prefer for your car. This clutch has a unique tempered throwout bearing liner and heat treated components that make it a good transferor of torque. It also operates at a much cooler temperature and is more durable compared to stock clutches.

On the other hand, the ACT clutch disc has a spring center hub and great performing organic compounds in the friction layer. This set-up guarantees a smooth clutch engagement that has a higher resistance to heat and makes it more durable. It gives you an easier time when you shift gears. Speaking of gear shifting, it has been said the in order to attain smooth shifting you must have a heavy flywheel, but not if you use the ACT flywheel. It is lightweight and does not rob power from your engine. It can sustain weight by machining material from low stress points of the car.

The problem with buying replacement parts is that you are not sure if the components are new or just remanufactured. But if you purchase ACT performance parts and accessories from Parts Train, you are sure that they are authentic. You are not robbed of your hard-earned dollars. Log on to our internet site to view our new product catalogue.