ACI A/C Condenser & Accessories

Some may not be aware of it including you but your AC condenser performs like the radiator. Why? Simple! While the radiator keeps the water circulating through the engine cooling system, the AC condenser keeps the refrigerant cool as it flows through your car's AC system. The refrigerant which is usually a Freon gas is radiated by the AC condenser. The refrigerant passed by the AC compressor is cooled until it turns into liquid form. This conversion is aided by the engine fan, although an additional condenser fan is needed for front-wheel drive cars. While the liquid refrigerant is warm, it is not as hot as the gas in the compressor. This is further transformed into cold, gaseous state by the expansion valve which makes it more capable of absorbing the warm air inside the vehicle.

It is definitely a good idea to check your AC system before the season of summer. Oftentimes, the AC condenser is ignored by many and in most cases, until it has become defective it is late for simple troubleshooting procedures. You must realize that your vehicle's AC system is more complex than your household unit. Usually, it starts to malfunction when the Freon level is low which says that you must check the Freon level at regular intervals. The capacity of the Freon to carry heated air away and leave cool air behind basically depends on the pressure applied to it.

During the process, the air that comes into the AC condenser is very useful. If you have noticed, in some older air conditioner models, the temperature is cooler when the vehicle travels at full speed than while it is at rest. Here, the pressure is allowed to pump Freon harder and faster and this making the AC system works much more effectively. Now, if you are to replace you stock AC condenser due to damage, consider getting the ACI AC condenser from us. Parts Train has always been your partner for all your replacement needs, so there no need to trust your sale to others. We got you covered!