ACEI Brake Caliper & Accessories

The brake system is the most important safety feature of your vehicle. It is consist of various components working simultaneously to serve the task it is designed to do. The brake system is responsible in stopping or slowing down the wheel rotation, allowing your car to stop whenever you need to stop. Friction is used in order for the wheel to stop or slow down. The brake pads, one of the components of the brake system is being forced mechanically, hydraulically and electromagnetically rubbing against the both sides of the brake disc. Another part of the brake system is the brake caliper. The brake caliper like the ACEI brake caliper is a device that encloses the pistons and the brake pads. The pistons are constructed from chrome-plated iron or aluminum. The brake caliper usually has two types: floating or fixed. The fixed caliper, as its name suggests, does not move relative into the brake disc. Fixed caliper is considered as more complex and budget-cracking type of caliper than the floating. The floating caliper on the other hand, synchronizes with the movement of the disc. It only uses one piston on one side of the disc. It presses on the brake pad so as to make contact with the braking surface and consequently pulls the outer brake pad in order to provide pressures on both sides of the disc. Unfortunately, brake calipers are subjected to failure especially the floating caliper. Even if you have a durable brake caliper like the ACEI brake caliper, expect it to wear down after a period of time. But worry not for we have replacement brake calipers in stock. Yes, we offer a complete line of ACEI brake caliper made just for your braking needs. Browse our catalog now and choose among our hundreds ACEI brake products as well. Our site provides high quality auto parts and accessories for every vehicle make and model.