ACEI Axle Assembly & Accessories

Your car and especially its components can also experience damage and malfunctioning due to its exposure to all the harmful elements like water, dust and especially dirt. A good example of that malfunctioning is if you experience the beginning of annoying and grinding noises when shifting you car's gears. The problem could easily be pinpointed to the axle assembly. This is a very common problem for those off roaders and especially to the car that is always having large amount of load or passengers on their car. This is most rampant for those vehicle owners that travel frequently in very harsh terrain. It gives large stress on the axle assembly in the car. The harsh environment of the road like bumps turns and potholes as well as the immoderate shifting in your car can really damage the drive train, especially its crucial components that are under it. The axle shaft can bring much stress to the CV joint or even the U joint of your car if not proper and regularly handled and maintained. The transfers of gears in your car must be perfect. This thing can only be possible if the components are regularly greased and are protected from all the harsh elements like dust and dirt. Aside from avoiding the stress in the drive train, contamination inside the axle assembly must be also regularly inspected because of the damage it can cause especially for the joints of your car. Regularly maintaining this axle assembly in your car and also greasing them frequently is a must to make sure that they will function at their best at all times. The ACEI axle assembly is one of the best items that you can avail of if you want to replace your car's malfunctioning axle assembly. We offer only the most durable and quality ACEI axle assembly to you can rest assured that you will get what you pay for.