AAA Emergency Road Kit & Accessories

You can always count on your emergency and regular maintenance tool kits equipped in your vehicle. But if you want better safety tools by your side, then make sure you upgrade to a more comprehensive AAA emergency road kit. This is not just any ordinary road kit. It comes packed with a membership brochure, literatures and actual safety tools for your use. All these are packed in a branded double-sided carry bag zips for easy storage.So what can you expect from the AAA emergency road kit? Well, you'll get instructional guides like the AAA Driving Survival Book and the AAA Emergency Care Guide. These literatures feature everything there is to know about driving safe. There's also an AAA membership brochure that comes along with the set to help you stay connected with the rest of the members for support. But what makes the kit vital are the equipments packed with it. This includes a heavy duty booster cable, a 250 psi air compressor with gauge, and a digital tire gauge.Also, to help you get by any emergency situation, additional tools like a stainless steel multi-functional tool, fa lat head screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver are also included in the AAA emergency road kit. There are also supplies in the kit like a duct tape, a pair of bungee cords, a pair of shop cloths, ten cable ties, and 45 first aid supplies. A set of working apparel were also added such as a three-piece fleece sets which includes caps, gloves, and scarves, a pair of gloves with dimples, an emergency poncho, and an emergency whistle. Completing the AAA emergency road kit is the 2-LED hand-charged flashlight reflective triangle.To order this product, simply pick one from our catalog here at We offer an easy ordering process that's inclusive of shipping services. We can even guarantee its delivery directly to your provided address, fast!