A1 Cardone Fuel Injector & Accessories

In the past, most vehicles used carburetors to deliver fuel to the engine. But though carburetors have been around since vehicles were invented, there's one thing going against them: they're not very efficient. Over the years, more developed vehicles require a more efficient fuel delivery system. And that's how the fuel injection system came to life. At the heart of every fuel injection system is the fuel injector, the actual part that sprays fuel to the engine cylinders. If you want an injector that can handle rigorous conditions, you must have no other than the A1 Cardone Fuel Injector in your vehicle.The right fuel injector will quench your engine's thirst for fuel. The one from A1 Cardone features ports that offer better fuel atomization, fuel flow, and spray angle. This is the perfect replacement injector that will satisfy your need for speed and power. Once you step on your gas pedal, these injectors are guaranteed to give your engine all the fuel that it needs for superb power. Compared to your factory injector, it can give you the horsepower and torque gains you've always wanted. And if you're worried about fuel economy, this topnotch injector can also increase your car's MPG rating.Just like most fuel injectors, the A1 Cardone Fuel Injector receives fuel from the fuel pump. Once it's energized, an electromagnetic plunger opens it, which thereby allows pressurized fuel to spurt through its tiny nozzles. Compared to a carburetor, it creates a fine mist of fuel that can be burned easily by your vehicle engine.This A1 Cardone Fuel Injector can be installed in just two hours. With the right installation instructions, you won't have any trouble setting this up. It also comes with a limited warranty from the brand, so you'll have no problem about its quality. For more information about this product, you can check out Partstrain.com or contact our agents anytime.