A1 Cardone Brake Caliper & Accessories

Tagging remanufactured products as second best is not good especially if you're referring to A1 Cardone brake caliper. In fact, this replacement product is engineered with strategic solutions that will counter the natural failures of original parts. This brake caliper is refurbished and finished to last longer than competitors. It is also designed as direct replacement to your original equipment so it can easily be installed, should you decide to do the installation yourself. Using A1 Cardone brake products is therefore the most practical decision you've made.The A1 Cardone brake caliper is definitely the best replacement to your original equipment. Performance-wise, it can be better than your vehicle's factory-installed braking component because it received new boots, seals, and bleeder screws. It also receives Phosphate coating that will prevent rust formation on its surfaces.Using A1 Cardone products gives you two benefits: it improves the stopping performance of your vehicle and helps you save the environment. How is this so? First, braking components from A1 Cardone are engineered using the company's 'reman' technology. This means, they are produced by identifying recurring problems of its kind then repairing the damage and upgrading its components. After these processes, these auto parts undergo testing and evaluation to meet the industry standards. Second, A1 Cardone parts are products of 'cleantech', the company's recycling program which helps reduce damaged auto parts that go to wasteThe A1 Cardone brake caliper you are looking for is available here, so why search further? We have the original equipment replacement you need for your ride so there is no need to lose more time in other seemingly good sites. Our services also include shipping directly to your nominated address. With that, you can just have all the simple hand tools you need ready by the time you expect your order to reach you and have it installed right away!