A&B Header Pipe & Accessories

Whether you're towing a trailer to visit your favorite campsite or driving over some country backwater area, a little boost in your ride's horsepower will surely come a long way. A high-quality header pipe is all you need to get that extra horsepower from your engine. Engineers from A and B have removed all the restrictive properties of regular header pipes and came up with the A & B Header Pipe, a replacement that will give you the extra punch that you need to conquer all kinds of driving conditions.The A & B Header Pipe is built to prevent one thing that restricts your engine from achieving its full potential: backpressure. Most factory header pipes are flat, a characteristic that curbs gas flow. As a result, your engine has to work harder just to push the gases out, an extra work that should have been used to drive your wheels. With this new header pipe, however, there are no limits to the movement of exhaust gases. Backpressure is removed and your engine is able to use all its power to drive the wheels.Built from heavy-duty steel, this pipe is strong and sturdy and designed to last a lifetime. Engineers from A & B also made sure that its flanges are flat so that it would stay leak-free and warp-resistant. This header pipe is manufactured using only the latest design in exhaust system technology. To ensure its durability, it also underwent strict quality testing. Without a doubt, this product is what you need for a horsepower and torque boost without spending big bucks.To get the A & B Header Pipe, all you have to do is browse our catalog at Partstrain.com, place your order, and we'll take care of everything else. Our warehouses are located in strategic locations in the US, so we can deliver your ordered product fast.