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For most auto enthusiasts today, the exhaust system has become a means to upgrade their driving performance. Many replace their stock manifolds with high-performance headers, while some others get sound upgrades with new mufflers. But, you must never forget the whole point of the exhaust system-it's there to control your car's emissions in the first place. And when getting exhaust upgrades, emissions should be the primary consideration. A&B, a top provider of high-quality exhaust components, guarantees to keep your exhaust assembly at its peak condition and the emissions of your car at the safest level.

A&B specializes in the manufacture of exhaust parts, particularly catalytic converters-the main components that affect emissions efficiency in a vehicle. All of its parts are brand new, so you're guaranteed of good and reliable performance. Other than offering main exhaust parts, the brand is also pro-DIY and also offers exhaust hardware for individuals who want to try their hand on mounting the new parts by themselves. One example is the exhaust clamp from the company, which makes securing of exhaust parts easy on the part of the person doing the installation.

When selecting the right exhaust parts from the brand, it's important that you pay attention even to the smallest details when doing your shopping. Of course, the fit is a primary consideration. Be careful when selecting the part and see to it that you choose one that is crafted for your ride (check the car make, model, and year). Similarly, there are catalytic converters from A&B that are not legal for use in certain states such as California. So, when you're shopping for new parts, consider your location and the places in which you drive. You don't want trouble with the authorities, now do you?

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