Volvo XC70 Parts & Accessories

They say that handling an SUV is not easy, considering its size and height, but wait till you take full control of the Volvo XC70. It is obviously an SUV but with handling and performance of a car so you can surely drive it with much ease and comfort without much fear and worries may it be in cases of harsh weather conditions. Four to five adults can comfortably sit in whatever position they desire in full comfort and pleasure. The cabin is spacious so added cargoes and luggage can be stuffed without complaints from the passengers. Passengers on the front seats however, may experience some discomforts brought about by the headrests that may protrude forward to minimize whiplash injuries. The Volvo XC70 may have superb performance in cases of foul weather conditions but its performance may not be that great once used for off road driving or towing since it only has the capabilities of a car though the look of an SUV. Several enhancements were done for 2006 for the XC70 to provide more power supply. The drive train system is made more efficient for improved traction on slippery roads and greater acceleration and stability when traveling on straight roads and highways. Superbly matched with the improved optional stability and traction control systems is the self regulating suspension also used by other high performance Volvo models like the Volvo S60R and Volvo V70R. The suspension can adjust itself to maximize the stability of the car especially on bumpy and curvy roads. Power still comes from the turbocharged, 2.5-liter, in-line five cylinder engine that can give off 208 horsepower. Trims equipped with automatic transmission feature a six-speed manual shift capability. As part of Volvo’s tradition, safety will always be a part of all car makes and models included in its line-up. Included in the safety features of XC70 are front-side and side curtain airbags, antilock brakes, rain-sensing windshield wipers, rear parking assist proximity warnings and headlamp wipers/washers. You can also try Volvo XC70 parts and accessories for your car but make sure that it will match the specific features and configurations of your car. You can have those parts at Partstrain and other online stores.