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After the Volvo 850, the Volvo S70, C70, and V70 came to existence replacing the former with lots of changes and improvements both to the interior and exterior. And this Volvo's new name strategy meant that the Volvo 960 estate to become Volvo V90 model, along with the changes in the interior that also took place. The Volvo V90 is very closely resembled to Volvo S90. The V90 is a wagon version of the S90. Same power, performance, and features as of the S90 are to be expected with the V90.

Good performance and flexibility comes naturally with an engine power that is delivered efficiently, and the Volvo V90 can deliver the quietness, refinement, and willing capability that an intelligent driver is looking for. Taking engine power for example, the V90's rear wheel drive offers an option of 180 and 204 bhp 6-cylinder, 24-valve petrol engines, and can produce enough power and acceleration even at low engine speeds making an overstake as swift and safe as possible. Transmissions available for the 180 bhp are 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic while the 204 bhp has only a 4-speed automatic transmission.

This Volvo V90 model showcases interior comfort in addition to fresh choices of upholstery and color. And with the most striking modified centre console, the V90 had a restyled gear level, a higher armrest that offers better support, and handbrake lever a bit similar to the V70 model. It also had a more silent air conditioning unit. Going to the audio features of the V90, it also had some new stuff such as the upgraded radios, 2-inch 40-watt tweeters that is mounted on the rear post analogous to the rear-door speakers for excellent debonair sound effect.

The V90 had also some engine range changes such as the inclusion of the 3-liter B6304S2 replacing the 2.5-liter unit which is now being introduced in the international market. This kind of engine can really suit your driving preferences. This 180 bhp or 132 kW at 5200 rpm and 260 Nm at 4350 rpm-boosting engine is available on either an automatic or a manual transmission. Dimensions for this vehicle measures at 109.1 inches for the wheel base, 191.4 inches for the overall length, and it has 39 cubic feet cargo capacity, and 3, 547 pounds for curb weight.

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