Volvo V70 Parts & Accessories

Liberating captivity, luxurious comfort, sporty performance and impressive safety! This description is enough to make you run after the Volvo V70. This one is not really a totally new design for the Volvo because at first look, you would see its resemblance with the 850 model and this is for the reason that the V70 is a mild facelift of the 850 model and that the V70 is equipped with more up-to-date features making it a very competitive replacement for the 850 model. This 5-cylinder engine equipped car that runs from about 140 to 250 bhp has definitely much more to offer.

The Volvo V70 is also available with electronically-controlled all-wheel drive system and depending on which model you take, can surely provide you the high speed you are longing to experience but giving a good fuel economy and silence. Two turbocharged engines, a T5, and a base engine — whichever you choose, driving becomes equated with fun. The V70 is available in a 5-speed manual and in a 4-speed automatic transmission in addition to the T5's manual gearbox availability.

Extra-ordinary feature of the Volvo V70 is the new and improved handling performance. If you happen to try handling some previous Volvo models, you would have criticized already its harsh handling but due to the changes in the spring and shock absorbers of the V70, comfort and soft-riding is now being exhibited. The V70 has also a softer suspension but it did not affect the handling, in addition to superb steering and brakes. Its being an All Wheel Drive had helped in making hard terrains easy to pass along.

Inside the V70 model will give you a rounded-off corners thus giving a more fascinating dashboards, center console, and door panels. Functional switches are now placed strategically for convenient use, and that the seats are given new frames and padding. The V70's new stylish interior retained its functionality, driving position, technical features, and more than enough room for five occupants. Versatility is again exhibited by this V70.

With the Volvo V70, all you get is nothing but performance, safety, comfort, excellent handling and all the utilitarian virtues in a single package. Whether you chose a sedan, coupe, wagon or, a convertible, you have to provide it with due care to maintain its over-all quality. You can do this by opting for the best and top quality parts when looking for Volvo V70 car parts. You have just landed on the perfect site! Here at Parts Train, all you're needed V70 auto parts are made with grandest excellence, durability and quality!