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If it is a Volvo product, it must be safe! The Volvo S80 is perhaps the safest and most secured car that the Volvo built by its time, and this was positively uttered by the Volvo Car Corporation. With its numerous exceptional safety features, you'll surely want to check this one out! To know what the claim means, the previous safety feature such as the dual front airbags was reinforced by a specially designed headrests that minimizes whiplash in the rear collision by enclosing the front passengers pounding their contact with the seats; inflatable window curtains, as well as side air bags that protects the head and torso in a side impact; and antilock brakes and traction control.

Not enough? Other safety and security features for the S80 are the anti-theft system that immobilizes electronically the car without the right key, and that a rotating lock cylinder is built on the driver's door and ignition making it extremely difficult for a stranger to break in. Another is an advanced remote controlled alarm system that detects an interior movement, vehicle elevation or even jacked up or hitched car by a tow vehicle. Another is an optional laminated theft-proof side windows that is difficult to shatter tapped to an approach lighting press the button on the remote control that switches on a number of car lights at the same time. And lastly is the home safe lighting that features a prolonged low beam and parking lighting for 30 seconds till you safely reach your door.

The above enumerated safety features are not meant to overshadow the driving performance of the Volvo S80. It's more than safety and styling. Still, same power is to be expected from this car. Among the modern time cars, the S80 is the first one to have a transversely mounted inline 6-cylinder engine. There are several petrol and diesel-efficient engines available for the Volvo S80 by the year 1998 such as the T6, 2.8 liter which offers extremely high performance and a speedy response as a result of the double turbochargers and the 2.9, 6-cylinder, 2,9 liter normally aspirated engine which combines power and smooth vibration-free operation with top-class engine efficiency.

By the end of the year 1998, three more engines were added and these are the new and more efficient 5-cylinder, 2.4 liter engine; the 2.4 fuel-efficient, 5-cylinder developing engine; and the TDI, 5-cylinder, 2.5 liter turbodiesel engine. For most S80 engines, a choice of 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmissions is available but the T6 engine has Geartronic transmission that is offered in two gearboxes — an automatic for driving style and a manual for driving pleasure.

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