Volvo S70 Parts & Accessories

It was in the year 1998 when the Volvo 850 was facelifted and was replaced by the Volvo S70 together with another model. This S70 sedan is characterized by the advanced Volvo technology by adding a 4-wheel, front-wheel drive to the list of options available on Volvo cars but was basically patterned on the Volvo 850's wheelbase with a new styling and revised suspensions. Most apparent exterior features of this model include a rounded front end with a reshaped hood and new headlamps. And going inside the S70 will bring you a new interior features that include a standard dual front and side air bags.

The Volvo S70 is available in four model line-up and these are the Base model that uses a 2.4 liter, dual-overhead camshaft, 5-sylinder engine that generates a horsepower of 168; the GL model; the GLT model that is equipped with a turbocharger but uses the same engine; and the T5 model that is packed with a hotter 2.3 liter turbocharged 5-cylinder engine. The Base and T5 models are outfitted by either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission while the GL and the GLT models are outfitted by an automatic transmission only.

But in the year 2000, an additional two model line-ups were introduced. These are the SE and AWD models. And notable new safety component called WHIPS or Whiplash Protection System reinforced Volvo's promotion of safety and security among car enthusiasts. The Base model for the 2000 S70 is now equipped with a standard 5-speed automatic transmission, and employs Volvo's Continuously Variable Valve timing on the 2.4 liter engine resulting to an improved horsepower and torque. Also, a Stability and Traction Control (STC) system became available on the Base model. Meanwhile, the Special Edition (SE) model adds up a trip computer, a power seat for the driver, and a leather trim, whereas among the GLT SE upgrades are the power sunroof, dual power bucket seats and a 16-inch alloy wheels.

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