Volvo C70 Parts & Accessories

If you think the Volvo P1800 model is sexy enough to impress car ebthusiasts, well, with the introduction of the sexier Volvo C70, car enthusiasts have really found their perfect choice. One of the Volvo engineer once commented that, "the Volvo C70 is not the car you need, it is the car you want!" And if you're wondering where the C70 got its name, well, C stands for coupe, while the figure 70 stands for the car's relative position in the company's product line. It is available with both low-pressure and high-pressure turbocharged engines. The Volvo C70 is available in convertible and in originally coupe versions.

Sporty, elegant and exciting! These words also means C70 coupe, Volvo's new luxury model. This vehicle is a joint undertaking by the Volvo and a British specialty-engineering firm called TWR but without compromising Volvo's trademark which is optimal safety! This one is designed to showcase absolute pleasure and enjoyment. The Volvo C70 coupe is a four-seater, sports-coupe inspired vehicle notwithstanding the sophisticated feature of a prestige saloon. Great interior and exterior features are being exhibited by this vehicle. One is the coordinated interior color scheme and upholsteries and for audio system, a multi-speaker feature is considered as a pride.

For the mechanical and power features of the Volvo C70 coupe, we want you to take note of its turbocharged engine performance that can accelerate from exteremely 0-62mph in just about 6.9 seconds. It features also three different chassis types, each engineered to perform absolute control. Anti-lock braking with ABS can be relied upon this car. To sum up, the Volvo C70 coupe is an award-winning safety sytem, environment-friendly, responsive dealer network, worry-free ownership vehicle that can surely take your driving experience into a higher level matched with suffificent responsibility.

And after almost a year, Volvo C70 convertible emerged. This one is said to be an absolutely fantastic four-seater vehicle with more than enough interior room space coupled to meet the optimum driving and roadholding loads. It can meet all your driving wants especially when it comes to comfort and convenience in addition to commendable performance. The electrically operated and fully automatic conversion of the Volvo C70 convertible into a top-down vehicle is just a single button away from being enclosed to being sky-roofed sedan.

Talking about power, the Volvo C70, equipped with a 2.4T, 20 valve, 2435cc, 5-cylinder light pressure turbo or T5, 20 valve, 2319cc, 5-cylinder turbo engines can boost a maximum power output of 193/5100 rpm, 270/1800-5100 rpm torque for the former and around 240/5400 rpm and 330/2400-5100 rpm torque for the latter engine resulting to a 8.5 seconds for manual and 9.0 sec for automatic, and 7.5 seconds for manual and 8.0 seconds for automatic acceleration of 0-62 mph for each engine respectively. The C70 coupe was dropped in 2003 and C70 convertible remains. Definitely, the Volvo C70 stands for the biggest leap in Volvo's efforts to shed a heavy image.