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The Volvo 760 is Volvo's first major venture into the market of luxury cars, but sadly, it only had to live from the year 1983 up to the year 1990. Nevertheless, this one is probably a completely new car showcasing two thousand plus new components. Major changes were done to its exterior, interior and chassis.

Taking separately, its exterior is fresh from the windscreen forwards having a rounded front and a bonnet that swept up towards the windscreen and what really completely face-lifted this car was the new design of the grille and headlamps, reinforced by the new aluminum alloy wheels and chrome trim on its body. Underneath, more new features are being boasted by the Volvo 760 such as the new independent rear wheel suspension, and the multi-link that increases ride comfort but without sacrificing the good dynamic safety properties which have been always the seal of a live axle, but the estate version was not equipped with multi-link for the reason that the Volvo wanted to give priority to good load-carrying capacity.

Some other exterior features include a lower unsprung weight that allows a milder springing and minimal damping which is equal to automatic leveling. This is important because the vehicle is kept level even when heavily loaded. Also, an increased fuel tank capacity to around 80 liters more, and an anti-lock brake system were made standard to the Volvo 760.

Going to the Volvo 760 interior, you will notice the major changes that were made. One of it is the entirely new instrument panel as a major feature inside together with the new adjustable steering wheel, asymmetrical placing of the handbrake lever and glove compartment lock. The steering wheel lock and key along with the steering wheel hub is fitted with slip coupling that makes it as an excellent theft prevention were also new. To make driving of the Volvo 760 more comfortable and efficient, new and improved controls were also added. The newly designed central console contains the fully automatic new microprocessor-controlled climate unit called Electronic Climate Control. On the audio side meanwhile, the Volvo 760 is equipped with loud speakers that have been given a new and better positioning inside, as it can also be loaded with the radio system of the future called Radio Data System. Generally, the interior of the Volvo 760 is characterized by new fabricated panels and several new colors.

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