Volvo 745 Parts & Accessories

Volvo has always been and will always be the well-known maker of sporty, tough and durable auto models like the Volvo 745. Volvo cars were originally owned by AB Volvo and were later on subjected under Ford Motor Company. It holds a big share in the auto market not only when it comes to cars, vans and SUVs but Volvo parts and accessories as well. Globally, Volvo is the tough competitors of other respected auto makers like BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, and Audi. Volvo has its own distinct style in naming their car models. The first makes produced were named using three numbers like the Volvo 745. The three numbered Volvos started in 1968 with the Volvo 140 series. The first number denotes the series where the car belongs. The second number refers to the specified number of cylinders while the last number pertains to the number of doors. So now you know what the numbers 7, 4 and 5 stand for. Nowadays, Volvo added letters in naming the car models included in their line-up. The letters stand for the body style of the car. The letter S stands for sedan or saloon. C for convertible or coupe car types, V for versatile or estate autos and XC for cross country or cars usually meant for off road driving. One advantage of owning a Volvo is the wide and long sources of Volvo parts and accessories both for replacement and add-on. Traditionally, the auto parts can be purchased through local stores but the coming of computers and the internet paved way to on-line stores or internet based auto shops. Partstrain is one of the online sources well known for its efficient service and top rated auto parts. In case you need new replacements for your car, don’t hesitate to visit their easy access store.