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The Volvo 740 lifespan was from the year 1984 up to the year 1992, and within that period, around 650, 443 car production volume was recorded. Its birth came to reality when the highly successful Volvo 760 GLE was developed and expanded that gave way to the Volvo 740. This Volvo 740 is being powered by a range of different engines over the years such as the four-cylinder in-line OHC, 986 cc or 2, 316cc, six-cylinder in-line 2, 383cc Turbo Diesel.

The Volvo 740 is a four-door sedan that measures an overall length of 478.5 centimeters or 188.4 inches, and a wheelbase of 277 centimeters or 109 inches. Available transmissions for this are the four-speed manual, four-speed manual with electrical overdrive, five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmissions. Its brakes are hydraulic, disc brakes all round.

It owes its immersed success primarily to factors such as utter reliability, excellent accommodation, and renowned safety levels. There was an exterior slight facelift in order to carry over this present model into the 1989 model year during the 1988 autumn season. And from the mid third quarter of 1990, the Volvo 740 was built in corresponding with the Volvo 940 for a couple of years, and after which, the latter replaced and took over completely from the 740. But going back, the Volvo 740 was a fewer preferred version as compared to Volvo 760 model. It is said to be an impressive original for the Swedish vehicle manufacturer. It was meant to be a midsized car that offers more elegant style, very good performance, and higher luxury than the august 240 Series cars.

As expected, the production of the Volvo 740 will eventually come to extinction and it happened in the year 1992. The engine, transmission, chassis, and other details though lived on in the Volvo 940 that turned to be an essentially face-lifted Volvo 740. Good thing that even though there were no production for almost 15 years, most of the Volvo 740 cars can still be seen running down the road today and this is because of the vigorous construction and engines known to function for hundreds of thousands miles.

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