Volvo 264 Parts & Accessories

Marked as one of the safest cars in the industry, the Volvo 264 comes in two body trims which include the 264 DL and 264 GL. It officially made its debut in the auto market in 1974 together with the Volvo 240 Series. The Volvo 264 trims were equipped with the new B27E power train also known as the Douvrin engine. It was crafted by three powerful auto makers – Peugeot, Renault and Volvo – that is why the term PRV was used. It has a power boosting capacity of 2664 cc and 140 bhp supported by the powerfully built aluminum alloy block and wet cylinder liners. Owners had a choice of either the standard four speed manual gearbox or optional three speed automatic gearbox. A five speed manual gearbox is also offered as an optional feature. In a glance, the Volvo 264 has exterior features closely similar to the previous 140 and 160 Series partly because of the carry-over designs and styles which remain unchanged even up to now. Volvo 264 auto owners nowadays can further enhance the over all style and looks of their car including its performance and driving ability. There are several sources lined up in the net for fast and easy purchase which may not be too easy of the purchase is done through traditional local stores. The 264 is an old make so it may be quite hard to look for replacement parts. You may even have to hop from one local store to the other if the parts you need are not in stock. With online stores however, such as Parts Train, purchase and selection can be easily done simply by browsing their online catalog. Parts train is among the trusted online stores in the net that you can directly go to in case you are in dire need of Volvo 264 parts and accessories.