Volvo 262 Parts & Accessories

Remarkably branded as the most successful model of all time, the Volvo 200 series which include the superb Volvo 262 is a fusion of performance, looks, quality and safety which has become an iconic trait of all Volvo makes and models. The Volvo 200 series is also considered as one of the safest vehicles in the world with no fatal accidents recorded in the US until 1993. However, several incidents were noted after that year partly because of the user’s profile and driving experience. The vehicles lined up under the Volvo 200 series including the Volvo 262 was meant as experimental cars for safety. New features for safety were added which include the big front and rear end crumple zones, new front and rear suspension system and improved rack-and-pinion steering and braking system. Three types of motors were used. The first one is the red block motor offered with both the overhead cam and overhead valve versions. The second type is the PRV meant for V^ motors. It was then utilized together with Renault and Peugeot. The last one is the diesel motor which became the standard type for Volkswagen cars during those times. The Volvo 262 is a special model under the 200 Series. It was crafted by an Italian designer as a two door coupe geared up with a raked windshield and chopped roof. It may sound kind of weird but it actually became its trademark which eventually gave it a distinct identity of its own. Although the Volvo 262 is an old car, its auto parts are still widely available especially in online based stores. Owners have lots of sources around like the widely acclaimed Parts train, noted for its hassle free services and top rated products like Volvo 262 car parts and accessories for replacement, maintenance, repair or restyle purposes.