Volvo 245 Parts & Accessories

The first Volvo luxury wagon that has driven its way into the path of success in 1975 is none other than the Volvo 245. It paved way for Volvo’s dominion in the wagon segment of the market. It made its debut in the auto world in 1975 together with the Volvo 244 sedan. Production ceased in 1993 to give way to the next Volvo Series. The Volvo 245 is a station wagon included in the Volvo 240 Series along side with other 240 models which include the 242DL, 242L, 244GL and 244DL. Six level trims were included in the line-up with two Volvo 245 trims offered in Luxe and De Luxe versions. Volvo used the trim levels to designate the level of luxury. The L or Luxe is the most affordable while GLT or Grand Luxe Touring is the most expensive. Other trim levels used are DL for De Luxe, GL for Grand Luxe, GLE for Grand Luxe Executive and GT for Grand Touring. The trim can be easily identified through the badge on the trunk lid of the car. The car is packed with new safety features which have always been the trademark of Volvo car makes and models. Among the innovative safety add-ons are bigger front and rear crumple zones, new McPherson strut type front suspension and modified suspension and braking systems. Most of the units sold for the Volvo 240 series were station wagons, partly because of its versatile and spacious cargo areas. Seven passengers can sit in full comfort once the rear facing foldable jump seat is added. Plus, the jump seat comes with three point seat belts to prevent the possible impact in cases of rear end collisions. These features are just a few of the several reasons that made the Volvo 245 an all time favorite car not only as a transportation machine but also as a classic collectible. The long and wide array of classic parts and accessories in the net for old car makes like the Volvo 245 is a big help for owners who are still using the car for transportation purposes. In the same way, auto enthusiasts and collectors can also enjoy the easy accessibility of online sources like Partstrain so they don’t have to hop from one store to the other just to find the auto parts and accessories that they want to include in their collection.