Volvo 244 Parts & Accessories

So why choose an old classic car like the Volvo 244? You may be one of the auto enthusiasts looking for a classic car that they can add to their collectibles. Or perhaps, you’re simply a car buyer browsing the net for possible information that can help you in choosing the right car that will match your personal needs and preferences. Well then, hope this article could really help you. Volvo car makes like the Volvo 244 is well-known for its safety. So if this is your topmost concern aside from over-all performance and style, then you can include the 244 in your list of choices. The Volvo 244 is actually one of the models included in the Volvo 240 Series. It was produced from 1974 to 1993 together with Volvo 242L, 242DL, 245L and 245DL. Six makes comprised the 240 Series, with two 244 models offered in DeLuxe and Grand Luxe trim levels. The engine used varied from one production year to the other. Volvo 244 produced for 1974 is equipped with the standard B20A four-cylinder engine retained from the 140 Series which was actually its predecessor. Optional for the Volvo 244DL is the new B21 engine with a power capacity of 97bhp while B21 is for the fuel injected Volvo 244GL. In 1975, the B20 engine was replaced by the B21 as the standard power train because of a conflict in the emission regulations implemented in those times. It was also a blessing in disguise since power production increased from the former 93bhp to 100 bhp. It may be a couple of units but the over-all performance of the car was improved because of the improved gearbox and power system. It’s a must for you to check out the condition of the power trains no matter which type is used including the other systems making up the car, both inside and out. In case the car needs new replacement, just drop by at Partstrain, an online based store acclaimed for its premium quality auto parts both for new and old cars like the Volvo 244. Once you find the right part, you’ll surely be on the go to drive your refreshed Volvo 244.