Volvo 242 Parts & Accessories

A stand-out from among the rest with its flat hood style, the Volvo 242 throttled into the market fully loaded with innovative features that made a big buzz in the auto industry. The flat hood or flat nose, as what it is otherwise called, of Volvo 242 produced for 1983 is equipped with new power doors, windows, mirrors, manual sunroof and air conditioning unit. The interior is clad in leather which accentuates the retro style and look of the car. Two Volvo 242 trims were offered, the Luxe and DeLuxe versions. It was produced together with other four trims included in the 240 Series from 1974 to 1993. There is still a lot of registered Volvo 242 around that are still running in top conditions. Certainly its distinct retro look tied up with its classic features and performance can make it a great add-on to anyone’s collection. However, purchase of older or classic cars like the Volvo 142 involves consideration of several factors. If the car is intended for use, then it’s a must for the buyer to see through the “refreshed” style and looks of the car usually done by painting or polishing the car or adding new car parts and accessories which can be directly and easily accessed through Partstrain and other online stores lined up in the net. Don’t be fooled by what you readily see especially if you go for a used car. Check out with utmost attention to small details. Are there any sign of damage? Look inside for signs of rust which can further spread out once the car is exposed to the wear and tear of everyday driving. In most cases, classic cars are carried out by the cheapness of the price however it can do more harm than good especially if you have to spend later on for constant repairs. Better go for fair priced products than suffer the grave consequences later on. This is also true if you purchase car parts and accessories. There are varied online sources around but if you opt for quality and affordable products then Partstrain is the best store to check out.