Volvo 240 Parts & Accessories

We want more! That was the clamor of Volvo car buyers, enthusiasts and customers when the company planned to stop the production of the Volvo 200 Series which include the superbly crafted Volvo 240. The series is made up of mid-size autos introduced in the market from 1974 until 1993. Volvo planned to stop its production to give way to the next model in line, the Volvo 700 series, but instead, the automaker ended up with 2.8 million units, far more than what Volvo expected. Both Series became a big hit in the market for several years. Nonetheless, production of the 200 Series was stopped three years after the target date. The Volvo 240 Series is one of Volvo’s most successful auto make. It made its debut in the auto market together with the Volvo 260 Series. Six distinct level trims were offered – 242DL, 242L, 244GL, 244DL, 245DL and 245L. Branded as one of the safest cars in the world, the Volvo 240 is equipped with several innovative features to ensure the safety of its users especially in cases of collisions and accidents. A few among the notable safety add-ons are the freshly designed crumple zones and three point seat belts together with the modifications done for the car’s braking and steering systems. With these add-ons, 240 Series have the lowest recorded death rate between the years 1990 and 1993. The vehicles lined up for the Volvo 240 Series are equipped with the power boosting V6 B27E engine, also called Douvrin engine, which was a joint product of Peugeot, Renault and Volvo. It can give off 2664 cc with exceptional 140 bhp for the Volvo 264DL and 264 GL. Users can choose from either the standard four speed manual or the optional three speed automatic transmissions. The Volvo 240 is remarkably noted as a simple, truly reliable car that can be used both for work and leisure. There are still Volvo 240 cars around, used and new, from which you can choose from. The same is true with Volvo 240 parts and accessories which you can directly access from Partstrain, a web based store noted for its highly reliable products and services.