Volvo 164 Parts & Accessories

Out in auto shows and display rooms from 1968 to 1975, the Volvo 164 is crafted as a luxurious utility vehicle packed up with new stand-out features to compete with other utility vehicles in the 1960s. Volvo 164 has been through several changes before it was finally launched in the market. It evolved from the P358 prototype car designed by Jan Wilsgard, one of the respected Volvo designers, which then became a flop in the market. Later on, the design was changed as inspired by the Volvo P19900 and Wolseley 6/99. Volvo indeed made a good decision with the changes as the Volvo 164, introduced as a 1969 model, became a big hit in the market. Under the hood was a 3-litre OHV straight 6 cylinder engine known as the B30. Volvo 164 models produced from 1969 to 1971 were powered with highly functional dual Zenith Stromberg 175CD2SE constant-depression carburetors. In 1973, the D-Jetronic carburetor took its place. Several enhancements were done for various year productions. Notable was the first Bosch electronic fuel injection system which came as optional equipment in 1972. The Volvo 164 equipped with the said system was branded as the 164E, with E standing for Einspritzung, a German term which means fuel injection. Fuel injected cars like the Volvo 164E can give off better performance and lesser harmful exhaust emissions. The Volvo 164, together with its derivative models, is truly a classic that has withstood the rigors of time and the demands of everyday driving. Owning such car nowadays is indeed a pleasure although you may have to spend an extra cost for maintenance and replacement parts but its all worth it especially if it has been part of your family for several years, passed on from one generation to the other. Nevertheless, Volvo 164 parts for replacement and maintenance still come in wide array especially in internet based stores and Partstrain is one of those. It is one of the online sources that you can surely trust if you desire for optimum quality, performance and of course, affordability.