Volvo 144 Parts & Accessories

Drive a Volvo 144 and you’ll surely make heads turn. Well-known for its “boxy” look that speaks up for the spacious cargo area tied up with comfort, safety and style, the Volvo 144 can surely give you a taste of the classic feel and performance once you take hold of the car’s steering wheels and set your feet on the pedals. Classic cars like the Volvo 144 are an emblem of long lasting top quality and performance. It has withstood the arduous tests of time together with the rigors of everyday driving. There is actually a conflict in the use of the term “classic” considering the year of production but in general, it refers to an older car which are still in existence nowadays in good condition. Other enthusiasts also use the term antique but it specifically refers to cars that are over 25 years old. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter which of the terms are used. The main point is, both refer to an older car. As with the Volvo 144, it can be considered both as a classic and an antique. It is an old car, making it a classic, with more than 25 years of existence in the auto world. Production started in 1967 together with the Volvo 142 and Volvo 145. The first Volvo three-number system is used by the 140 Series. The first number refers to the series, the second to the cylinder unit and the last one to the number of doors. So, that makes the Volvo 144 a four door sedan powered by a four cylinder engine. The 144 is a good choice if you give more importance to comfort, space and safety. It’s an old car which can be a classic and an antique but you need not worry of the availability of auto parts and accessories not only for maintenance or repair but also for improvement of the car’s style and looks. You can drop by at Partstrain, an online store trusted for its efficient service and truly authentic classic auto products like Volvo 144 parts and accessories.