Volvo 142 Parts & Accessories

Spacious cargo for comfortable rides and drives even if you have lots of stuffed cargoes and packages is actually one of the usual factors in choosing and buying a car together with safety, style and affordability. It’s not easy to look for such car type but Volvo 142 was able to imbibe those factors in one which made it one of the favorite auto makes of all times. The Volvo 142 is also famous for its “boxy look” which stands for the spacious and comfortable interiors. The Volvo 142 is a make under the famous Volvo 140 Series. Volvo first used the three number name systems for the 140 series in 1968. The first number stands for the series, the second for the number of cylinders units used by the engine and the last for the number of doors. So Volvo 142 is a coupe equipped with four cylinder engine and two doors. Together with the 142 are Volvo 144 and Volvo 145. The latter is an estate wagon or station wagon as what we call it nowadays. Production of the Volvo 140 Series ended in 1974 and was then replaced by the Volvo 200 Series. The long line-up of proud and well satisfied Volvo 142 users paved way for its Car of the Year award in 1966 given by a famous and respected Swedish magazine. You can also try the distinct Volvo feel and performance by using Volvo 142 auto parts and accessories for your car but of course make sure that it will be suited to the distinct specs and features of your auto especially is it is not a Volvo make. You have lots of Volvo 142 parts and accessories both for aesthetic and functional purposes. Be sure that you purchase the authentic part. 142 is an old car so it may be hard for you to find the parts you need. However if you want to ensure authentic top quality Volvo 142 parts, then Partstrain is the right place to go.