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Volkswagen Vanagon

The bus version of Volkswagen, the Volkswagen Vanagon has been built from 1980 and has continued its production until 1991. The series has been produced in other parts of the world. Volkswagen Vanagon has been marketed in the United States and South Africa primarily. This Volkswagen bus has been conceptualized to be the modern successor of the Microbus only that the Volkswagen Vanagon has a much squarer appearance, huge windshield and rear windowscreen, and with two large grilles in its nose panel. Just like any other newly-conceptualized and newly-built vehicles, Volkswagen also has a story tell. Its first bus series failed in performance because of the faulty engine. Yet, as time passed by, its engine power has been changed and reformed thereby featuring a 5-cylinder engine which then improved its performance in great heights.
Volkswagen Vanagons are known in the names of "Caravele" or the "transporter" in all other parts of the world. The transition of earlier vans or bus-looking vehicles with chrome-plated steel bumpers and plastic endcaps into fiberglass or synthetic finished bumpers has been quite noticeable. Dedicated to mark a reputation in line with the automotive industry, Volkswagen Vanagons have been created with the same fulfilling attributes known of the vehicles under this fleet. 
In order to keep up with the performance functions that every Volkswagen vehicle is popular for, the Vanagon employs a lot of qualifying features that are trully amazing and efficient. A water-cooled boxer flat 4 engine features two variations: 1913cc or the 83bhp engine and the 2100cc or 95bhp engine. Aside from these, there are the door locks, disc brakes, drums, heated mirrors, lighted vanity mirrors, headlights and other auto lights which are all geared towards safe and efficient performance. The three basic variations for the Volkswagen Vanagon are the classic Vanagon, Vanagon L, and Vanagon GL. True indeed, the effort of Volkswagen auto manufacturers have been vividly seen in the entire makeup of the Vanagon as one of the supreme cars the firm has.