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Volkswagen Transporter

Known to be the world's first minivan, Volkswagen Transporter boasts of high quality performance. This member of the Volkswagen family has been conceived of as a minivan, a variation of such has been made from the earlier vehicle family member's platform, the Volkswagen Beetle. Volkwagen Trasporter has been thought of during the dire postwar needs in the European coutries. The times demanded for a tough, economical, yet versatile carrier of goods for the people. Hence, the name Volkswagen Transporter has been coined for usage. Yes, versatility is one of the major points flaunted by the vehicle and its performance really manifested the strong point it boasts of.
Due to the insistent demand for the vehicle and the increase in sales, Volkswagen Transporter manufacturers eventually produced the vehicle in several other modes such as the panel van, window van, 2- and 4- door pickup, camper, and a lot more other versions. A major change came into charge by the switching of Volkswagen vehicle into water-cooled engines and front-wheel-drives.
The Volkswagen Transporter's platform, engine, and drivetrain exudes virtual identity with that of the Volkswagen Beetle. The only difference is that the Volkswagen Transporter nestles on a longer wheelbase. The wonders of Volkswagen Transporter includes an air-cooled, flat-4 rear-mounted engine, 4-speed transmission, and 4-wheel independent suspension. Moreover, the Transporter can accommodate up to eight adults.
A Volkswagen by name, the Transporter has established a reputation it truly deserves. It is still in daily use as most enthusiasts have determined the survival of the vehicle in today's market. Whatever name they call the Volkswagen Transporter, in whatever purpose they do use the vehicle, what is important is that the users love its rugged construction, easy maintenance, and outstanding fuel economy.