Volkswagen Thing Parts & Accessories

First known as the Volkswagen Type 181, the name Volkswagen Thing is used for the makes produced for the US market. The company wanted to use “Safari”, which was also the brand name for the Mexican market but it was then used by Pontiac for their station wagons. So instead, the “Thing was adopted. The Volkswagen Thing is a fusion of Volkswagen Beetle Type I, the first make introduced in the market, and the Kubelwagen, another Volkswahen make used as a military truck during the World War II. The features of the car vary from one country to the other which is also affected by the auto rules and policies of the country as well as the distinct demands of customers and buyers. In Europe, it was commonly known as the VW 181 branded as a car for off road applications. VW Thing produced for the UK market is offered with a right-hand version labeled as the Trekker. But of course, all Volkswagen Thing are based on the same platform. It imbibes the same Volkswagen feel and performance which is actually meant to provide utmost satisfaction and pleasure to all its users from all over the world. That is why, it is also regarded as the “people’s car” which is actually the literal meaning of its name. The points of difference are usually noted on the headlights and taillights, exhaust system and power train. Volkswagen Thing is also one of the commonly used car in movies and TV series. The green car used by Patty and Selma in The Simpsons is actually a VW Thing. In the stomach-aching movie, Meet the Fockers, Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller were driving a red Thing, that car stopped a cop, remember? And of course, there is also the romantic yellow Volkswagen Thing featured in the 50 First Dates, a movie starred by Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Anyway, Volkswagen Thing is indeed a star not only in on-road and off-road streets and highways but also on movie screens. Certainly, you can also transform your car into a real star by using restyling car parts and accessories to perk up its looks and style. Volkswagen Thing parts and accessories is a good choice. You can have it directly here at Partstrain. Come and check out our complete catalog and enjoy choosing the best product that will transform your car into a “star”.