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Volkswagen Super Beetle

As the most renowned Volkswagen, the Beetle first hit the road in 1938. Its first name was "Type 1" and was later replaced as Beetle in 1968. The concept of the Beetle originated in during the thirties when Ferdinand Porsche, who later founded another automobile company after his name, envisioned a mass produced car that is affordable for the ordinary German family. The idea was adopted by Adolf Hitler when he became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Thus gave birth to the "people's car" or the Volkswagen. The production was momentarily stopped when the World War Two broke in the first half of the forties. After the war, when the Allied Forces took control of the German territory that included the Volkswagen factory, Heinz Nordhoff took the lead in bringing the people's car back on the road again.

With its price that is very affordable to ordinary people, the Volkswagen was fast becoming an ordinary sight on the road. And with the fast rate of sales, the Beetle surpassed the Model T's sales record in 1972. Consequently in that same period, as the Beetle evolves but still possessing the original character, the Super Beetle was introduced.

The Super Beetle was first released in 1971 as an unconventional Beetle. The Super Beetle weighs 155 lbs more and three inches longer. The growth in length was a consequence of the new front suspension system for a more comfortable ride. The new front suspension also helped the Super Beetle to withstand off-road condition. It was offered in two versions: the sedan and the convertible. The sedan was offered a with sunroof option. The Super Beetle run until 1973, same year when the Beetle hit the 16 million mark.