Volkswagen Squareback Parts & Accessories

The hippie and hottie Volkswagen Squareback Estate or station wagon is one of the varieties of the Volkswagen Type 3 launched together with the Volkswagen Notchback Saloon or sedan in 1961. The Type 3 was otherwise known as the Volkswagen 1500 introduced in the market after the incredible Bug or Beetle which became famous for its “wide-eyed bug” appearance and the well-loved Volkswagen Transporter or Combi, a mini bus noted for its friendly and spacious cargo space and features. The Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback is powered by a carbureted 1.5L engine with bigger displacement of 1600 cc as compared with the other power train. In 1968, a fuel injection system is added which very well improved the over all performance and driving dynamics of the car. The car was mass produced on that same year which made it the first consumer car equipped with fuel injection system. The last Squareback was produced in 1972 but was then adopted by the Volkswagen Type 4 although its size is bigger. Plus, it is equipped with much powerful engine as compared with the original make. There are still Volkswagen Squareback cars around but such body style is more of a "thing of the past". It is actually one of its stand-out qualities that set it apart from other classic cars. And that make it one of the hottest classic collector’s item. Aside from the car make itself, the auto parts and accessories comprising the car are also one of the most sought after classic products in the market. Partstrain is one of the trusted provider and source of classic auto parts and accessories like Volkswagen Squareback parts. Classic parts can be more costly as compared with parts for new car makes but it can also be faked so you may end up with wasted money. Yet with Partstrain, you are assured that the products you will purchase are authentic and of premium quality. In this way, you’ll surely have the right and the best value for your money.