Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible Parts & Accessories

Volkswagen Rabbit opened up the doors to other “copycats” because of the imitated style, performance and other features adopted by other auto makers. The Rabbit is the brand name used for the Volkswagen Golf produced for the auto market in North America. It came in different body styles which include the Volkswagen hatchback in two door and five door versions, Volkswagen Station wagon or Estate as what it is called in the old times, Volkswagen Saloon or Sedan and Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible or the Cabriolet as what it is called nowadays. Volkswagen Cabrio or the convertible version of the Rabbit made its debut in the 1980s. Production ended in 1993. Cars with the same features were later on produced but it used another brand name. The car is equipped with modified body style, particularly made from a uni-body construction powered with strong and tough power train and equipped with manually operated vinyl top that can be removed or retained depending on the mood or preference of the owner or user. The Volkswagen rabbit convertible my go a little out of hand if used on bumpy and curvy terrains. That’s actually the performance of the early Cabriolet but the makes produced for the later years were equipped with modified power trains. Convertibles made for the US market has higher quality as compared with other makes due to the strict quality standards of the country. Anyway, whether you have an American or a German made Volkswagen Rabbit convertible, Partstrain is here to provide you with premium quality car parts and accessories not only for maintenance and repair of your Volkswagen but also for restyle and restoration purposes. Browse our constantly updated catalog and have fun shopping without any hassles and difficulties. Placement of order can be done by simply clicking the part or by filling up the online order forms. Or much better, you can also call the toll free customer line tied up to our store.