Volkswagen Quantum Parts & Accessories

Volkswagen Quantum Literally, the word Volkswagen means the "peoples car". The company started out as an auto manufacturer that could provide vehicles that would not only be very affordable, but also carry passengers with great ease and comfort and get high mileage to the gallon. From then on, Volkswagen has evolved so much. Volkswagen still maintains its mission of providing vehicles that can be affordable and very reliable. They offer true value and service that it is indeed the people's car. The Volkswagen Quantum embodies these ideals. The marque Volkswagen Quantum is one from many that pertains to one car. For each region the Volkswagen quantum had a different name. In Europe it was known as the Volkswagen Santana which was soon changed to Passat. In the Americas it was Volkswagen Quantum that soon followed the European example and changed it later on to Passat.

The Volkswagen Quantum was sold as either a sedan or station wagon as they still do today with the rebadged Passat. With the tie up Volkswagen made with Ford for production, marketing and sales of the Quantum, Ford released their own version of the Quantum naming it as the Ford Versailles for the sedan and Ford Royale for the unusually designed three door station wagon. The Volkswagen Quantum had a design that was largely based upon the Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Phaeton. The Volkswagen quantum badge stayed on from 1982 when it was still the Volkswagen Dasher until 1988 when it was changed to Volkswagen Passat.

With its solid performance and reliable engine, the Volkswagen quantum was a sedan and a station wagon that provided the American driving public with a great alternative choice that meets all their needs and demands. True to its name, this was a car that the people could not really afford to take off their lists then.