Volkswagen Phaeton Parts & Accessories

Phaeton, the Greek name of the son of the Sun God Helios, who insisted to drove the chariot of his father but ended up losing his own life is the same brand name used by Volkswagen for their first ever luxury sedan. So what's the connection between the Greek character and Volkswagen's car? There is actually no clear cut comparison between the two but Phaeton symbolize the risk that humans take to venture into a new horizon, the risk to tread the new path that would lead to the road of success even without prior experiences that would serve as guide as to how or where or what path to take. The same is true when Volkswagen made the Phaeton as an entry car for the luxury car segment of the market. The name Phaeton has been used by other auto makers which are actually attached to a finely built luxurious sedan used by respected and famous people in the society. The production of the high end luxury Volkswagen Phaeton is considered as a drastic action since the company does not have their own name plate that would represent them in the luxury sedan segment of the auto market. The car was expected to fail since it is underpowered by other established luxurious brands in the market such as the Lexus for Toyota, Infiniti for Nissan and Acura for Honda. Fortunately, fate is on its side. Volkswagen Phaeton proved to be one of the most sought-after luxury sedans in the market with demands and units sold that go beyond the existing models and makes. The Volkswagen Phaeton is full packed with all the luxuries and amenities that truly made it a stand-out sedan that can transform long and weary rides into fun and exciting adventure may it be an out of town trip or simply an everyday driving route. For these reasons, Partstrain made sure that the Volkswagen Phaeton parts and accessories that they offer are truly of top quality and performance to match the stand-out luxury of the car. Plus, the services are truly efficient to ease out the hassles and difficulties of shopping. Do come and visit us. We'll be waiting for you.