Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Parts & Accessories

The Volkswagen Karman Ghia is one of the vehicles produced after the World War II, when everyone is busy taking their time to revive from the remains of the destruction. Every aspect of human life was affected not only the involved countries but the whole world as well. Even the international market felt the impact of the war which happened from 1939 to 1945. The Karman Ghia rolled off its assembly plant 5 years after the war. Production ended in 1973. The Karman Ghia is the new image car designed by Ghia, an Italian stylist and coach building firm which produced several “dream car” models for DaimlerChrysler. In fact, the VW Karman Ghia is a modified model from Chrysler line-up. How did it happen? Well, Chrysler introduced the dream cars designed by Ghia in the market except for one model. In that same time, Volkswagen also made a contract with Ghia to design a new image car that will appeal to the growing number of auto buyers, both from the young and old generations. Ghia presented the remaining Chrysler model. Volkswagen was impressed. So after few modifications and adjustments, the new Volkswagen Karman Ghia finally emerged. The hand-crafted style and appeal are truly impressive but the performance is somewhat not so satisfying. Under the hood is the not so powerful 36 hp flat four engine which was then used by the Beetle. Good thing, the power train is equipped with strong suspension system that improved the steering and braking performance of the car. In spite of the shortcomings in performance, Volkswagen Karman Ghia proved to be one of the fairly good selling cars from VW, with a total of 10,000 units sold for the first year of production. Until now, there are still registered Volkswagen Karman Ghia cars around although they are more of a collection than a vehicle for everyday utility. Owners of such vehicle who are in need of auto parts for replacement, restyle and restoration can drop by here at Partstrain. We have the most complete array of auro parts and accessories like Volkswagen Karman Ghia parts. Plus, get the best deals and values for your money when you purchase from us. We’ll be waiting for you!