Volkswagen Jetta Parts & Accessories

Volkswagen Jetta Fun to drive, a plethora of standard features, luxurious interior materials used, impressive turbo engines, extremely safe with high crash test scores; and so on. This are but only some of the praises the Volkswagen Jetta gets. The Volkswagen Jetta is basically the sedan version of the Volkswagen golf, but this car has gained more attention and to support that is the fact that the Volkswagen Jetta is the bestselling European car in North America, What makes it popular and a long time favorite is that it offers a great balance between its performance and handling plus wrapped up in the comfort of a classy compact overall design and standard features. Its now wonder Volkswagen never dropped the marque Jetta from the roster in North America like it did with the rest of their world market.

Volkswagen introduced the Jetta in North American auto market in 1980. It came out as a compact sedan as well as a two-door coupe. The Jetta featured some fresh and innovative Italian designs at that time. Coming at two trims; the base model and the more upscale GL trim, both were powered by a 1.6 L four-cylinder engine producing 78 hp and 83 ft·lbf torque. Succeeding years saw the comin of more trims and more engine options that provided more speed and higher performance and luxury. More generations succeeded the initial Jetta, the second generation proved to be the most succesful in terms of success and longevity in the market. The fifth and current generation Volkswagen Jetta was released this year at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The all-new Jetta is considerably larger that its predecessor and ofers more interior room. The base powerplant provided for the new Jetta is a The base engine will be a 2.5 L Inline 5 capable of producing 150 hp and 168 ft.lbf of torque. What's entirely new for the Volkswagen Jetta is the independent rear suspension which promises to provide comfortable ride quality and performance as well as agile handling thanks to its precise power steering.