Volkswagen GTI Parts & Accessories

Volkswagen GTI If your ideal car is a hatchback that has been around for more than two decades, is fun to drive, affordable, comes stocked with many standard equipments, versatile and sprinty, you may just have to put the Volkswagen GTI on your list. The Volkswagen GTI first came out as a top variant of the Volkswagen rabbit before being renamed as the Volkswagen Golf. With this car, Volkswagen hit a homerun and created a new market segment prompting many auto manufacturers to follow suit. Owning the Volkswagen GTI provided you with a compact vehicle that was very versatile and offers a passport to being a member of an ultra exclusive club. This then-unique car stormed into a scene and refreshed everyone with their innovative styles.

Providing the automotive industry with a pleasant surprise, the Volkswagen GTI rushed to the American scene and became an instant hit in 1983. Albeit being introduced already in Europe almost a decade before, its popularity in North America bolstered its claim to success. In its initial offering, the GTI was provided with a 1.8 liter fuel injected inline four engine that churns out 90 horsepower. This power was controlled by a five-speed manual gear box. After two years, the Rabbit was renamed the Golf and yet again the GTI was being offered. This time, the Volkswagen GTI had an overhaul that saw it change from almost top to bottom. As more generation of Volkswagen GTI came out, the more standard equipments it provided making it a great choice for those who wants an econo-hatchback that provides a sporty nimble feel.

Except for the years 1993 and 1994 when the Volkswagen GTU went on a hiatus for awhile, the GTI had a good following. For 2005, the Volkswagen was left untouched from its previous design; new designs are expected for the next model. The Volkswagen GTI is now being offered in two trims — 1.8T and VR6, while a number of engine choices are available as well as standard features and some great options.